According to the advisor of Governor Ayade, “a serious man will not date you for more than a year before marrying you.”

A serious man won’t date a woman for more than a year before getting engaged, according to Andrea Ekeng Inyang, Ben Ayade’s special assistant on strategic communication for Cross River.

This claim was stated by Inyang as she counseled single women not to scare off genuine suitors by feigning a relationship with a man who has no desire to get married to them.

He asserts that a woman isn’t legally married till she is.

Read his post below;

“Until you are married, you remain officially single. Stop wearing uniforms like couple around the streets with pictures of you both all over social media because you may actually be scaring off your real suitor. A serious man will not date you more than 1 year. If you like hear, if you don’t continue telling people you have a serious relationship.”

Inyang once questioned why only women are held accountable for failed marriages that result in no offspring.

He pointed out that because it takes two people to have a child, society shouldn’t always assume that the woman is the issue.

He suggested that a couple who is expecting a child go for tests, checkups, and treatments together rather than just the woman.

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