“I never opened a GodFundMe for my wedding” – Solomon Buchi breaks silence on the accusation of being a ‘serial beggar’

Solomon Buchi, a social media star, has responded after being called a “serial beggar.”

The self-proclaimed life coach was trending on social media over the weekend, but for the wrong reasons, when several women uncovered exchanges in which he was allegedly seen pleading for cash and personal possessions.

He came under fire from resentful women who didn’t like a tweet he sent about “broke women” and criticized him for speaking down to them when he was once in their shoes.

He once cautioned guys against dating poor women because they won’t make them stronger; rather, they’ll make them weaker.

Different women uploaded past chats that showed him pleading for cash since he was poor out of irritation.

They even accused him of filth for starting a Gofundme to raise money for his upcoming nuptials to Arike, his sweetheart.

Solomon Buchi has finally spoken up in a message that was published on his Twitter profile.

He clarified that contrary to what had been stated, he had instead created a cash registry list, a typical practice among engaged couples.

He claims that he opened the cash registry list in response to requests from some of his followers; nevertheless, donations are not required.

Speaking about the talks in which he was seen pleading for money, Solomon acknowledged that they were genuine and unfalsified but said that they took place several years ago, between 2015 and 2017.

He claimed he was in need of money at the time and turned to people he trusted for assistance; he didn’t anticipate them using that information against him now.

Read his full statement below,

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