Zambian Lady Kill Her Child With The Help Of Her Boyfriend (Photos)

A 22-year-old mother, identified as Maike Musowe, allegedly killed her child by suffocating him.

It was gathered that the young lady killed her child by pressing a pillow in his face to suffocate him with the help of her boyfriend.

The young woman who is from Lusaka, Zambia, has allegedly taken her son’s life so she can continue partying around.

A source who is familiar with the incident said Maike and her boyfriend identified as Mwila Chilufya Bwipwa saw the innocent boy as a hindrance to their relationship.

They have been detained at Kabwata Police Station and will be facing a possible charge of murder.

The source said Maike, who is originally from Copperbelt, came to stay with her sister in Lusaka and has been neglecting her 2-year-old son, identified as Sangwani Chabinga.

Maike who was keeping late nights partying in various night clubs around the capital city forced her sister to give her matching orders to return to the Copperbelt.

However, Maike’s sister gave her money for transport to enable her travel back to the Copperbelt but she linked up with her lover yesterday, August 14.

It was gathered that they booked themselves into Shamuka Lodge in the Yellow Shop area, where they allegedly killed the young boy whom they saw as a hindrance to their enjoyment.

The couple pressed a pillow into the face of the helpless child until he died. They sneaked out of the lodge with the lifeless body of the boy.

The young woman then returned to her sister’s place and lay the child on the couch as if he was just sleeping.

Maike’s elder sister noticed the child was unresponsive and rushed him to the University Teaching Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Upon interrogation at Kabwata Police Station, Maike confessed to ending the life of her child with the help of her boyfriend.

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