Ebubeagu Leader, Ogwu Begs For Life As He’s Shot Dead

Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are greeted with joy after learning that Ebubeagu, the head of the Southeast vigilante, was fatally shot on Tuesday.

A few days ago, IPOB made the threat to pursue any Ebubeagu members in the southern region.

The proclamation followed the vigilante group’s suspected involvement in the massacre of 14 wedding guests in Imo State a few weeks prior, as well as numerous other homicides in the area that have been linked to them.

Youths, including elderly parents, had staged a number of rallies in response to the repeated deaths, urging the government to outlaw their practices.

In order to stop the ongoing attacks on innocent people, IPOB vowed that it will find the leader of Ebubeagu and other offenders responsible.

Retrieved footage shared by IPOB media personnel, Anyi Kings on Tuesday indicates the moment Ogwu was intersected in an undisclosed location, forest, and released shots of bullets on him as he plead for forgiveness.

Southeast has recorded a high number of death since the emergence of the present government of Hope Uzodinma.

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