The murderer of Iniubong Umoren claims that “nobody is doing anything about countless assassinations in Nigeria” after receiving a hanging verdict.

Iniubong Umoren’s murderer, Uduak Frank Akpan, who was convicted of the crime, has claimed that little is being done to stop the rising number of killings in the nation.

Recall that a high court in Akwa Ibom State condemned Akpan to death by hanging on Thursday, August 4, for the murder of the young woman he lured to a phony job interview the previous year.

He was also given a life sentence for raping the female job seeker by the presiding judge, Bassey Nkanang.

After passing judgment, Judge Nkanang asked the defendant whether he would like to address the court before being led away.

Akpan said, “My Lord, I am not guilty.”

The judge, however, told him that because he had already been found guilty, the case had already progressed beyond that point and instructed him to speak about it.

Akpan replied that nobody is taking action in Nigeria despite the fact that there are numerous killings there.

Read his words below;

“My Lord, in our country, there’re many assassinations, but nobody is doing something about it.”

In the meantime, a viral video captures Akpan’s attempt to flee after being given the death by hanging verdict.

Police officers can be seen encircling the location where Uduak attempted to flee after being sentenced in a video taken by BBC News Pidgin. He is observed being apprehended and being taken into a van as police officers surround the scene.

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