While my wife is out there pushing boundaries, I am proudly taking care of the home front. Nigerian man Mark Okoye extols the virtues of his wife

Mark Okoye, a politician in Nigeria, has used social media to discuss his family’s dynamics while praising his wife, Phillipa.

The 36-year-old man revealed that his wife is away from home on business. He was a former Commissioner for Economic Planning, Budget, and Development Partners under the administration of former Anambra Governor Willie Obiano.

The proud husband posted pictures of his wife attending a meeting abroad and pictures of himself caring for their children at home. He also said how proud he was of his wife for pushing boundaries in her career while he proudly looked after the family front.

He claims that while he was a Commissioner, his wife frequently skipped business trips to care for the family, but now that he has more free time, he has chosen to fill in as the family’s provider while she is abroad.

Read his post below;

“And yes, while I’m at home on daddy duties, my lovely wife @phillipa_mo is out there in the world breaking boundaries, shattering glass ceilings and becoming a #bosschick – I’m super proud of you, Pipa.

Yes, I’m proudly taking charge of the home front, ensuring the kids eat, sleep well, play and learn.

I think of the stress and countless work trips she missed out on over the years because there was no one to stand in for her at home; I was in Anambra, Abuja or somewhere else in the world.

Focus fully on  & keep flying, darling! I’m rooting for you ”

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