To appease her husband, a woman hires a mistress and pays her £340 a month.

Pattheema, a 44-year-old Thai woman, hired a mistress to satisfy her husband sexually because she was unable to do it on her own.

Patteema made waves online when she utilized TikTok to advertise the odd job opening of three live-in mistresses in order to appease her husband.

She stated in the video she uploaded that potential candidates must be between the ages of 30 and 35 and possess a high school diploma or a degree.

In order to demonstrate that they don’t have HIV or any other STDs, the women must also undergo medical examinations.

Read he added, 

You will get paid at least 15,000 baht (around £340) a month, get free accommodation, and free meals. But you need to help me out. Two will be hired to help with document work in my office, and another one will be hired to take care of me, my husband, and my child.”

Patheema promised that she and the other women wouldn’t compete, and that her husband will always be free to pick who he wanted to have a sexual relationship with.

she continued below;

“I guarantee there will be no fight between you and me. I allow my husband to choose who he wants to sleep with or stay with. No schedule, he can pick by himself, ” 

Woman hires

According to reports, she has now brought in a 33-year-old woman to live with them as her husband’s mistress.

Even though the woman was not what her husband had anticipated, he had agreed to take her as his “little wife,” according to Pattheema. Additionally, she deleted the application.

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