Lost in concentration, the groom watches his bride demonstrate her dancing prowess at their wedding reception.

Laughable responses have been elicited by a video of a Nigerian husband lost in concentration while his bride displayed amazing dance moves at their wedding reception.

The delighted bride, wearing a black dress, was dancing excitedly toward her husband while being supported by her friends in the viral video, but the groom appeared to be “far away” as he was lost in thought.

The groom didn’t appear to be paying attention to his dancing wife since he seemed to be lost in thought.

Many of the hilarious responses to the video on social media suggested that he was considering debts that needed to be paid after the wedding.

Read a few remarks below.

@acl_clothier, “He is trying to remember how many times she told him she can’t dance. ”

@airsay_berry, “This man obviously borrowed money to marry just for the guests to be spraying #10 notes..HA!”.

@m.m.a_j, “The man na Muslim…he is thinking out loud…he will be like Hope this woman still remember we are Muslims…Hope this dancing step will please Allah”.

@officialredy, “Wait is that 5 Naira notes on the ground he reach to lost in thought ”.

@ben_cruise01, “Na money eh borrow he dey think of oh….”

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