Why I Shot My Prostitute Girlfriend – Jealous Boyfriend Confesses

Seun Ojo, a 30-year-old ex-student who shot his prostitute lover Enny in Owo, Ondo state, has explained why he did it.

Seun was detained together with 45 other suspects by the state security organization known as Amotekun for a variety of crimes, including kidnapping, armed robbery, theft, and seizing of motorcycles.

The guy said in an interview that he shot his girlfriend at close range because she wasn’t providing him enough attention as his lover.

Seun claimed that his prostitution-industry lover had been ignoring him and paying attention to other guys while ignoring him.

“My girlfriend’s name is Enny, she is a prostitute who always comes to Ikare junction in Owo. I shot her after I noticed that she gives other men more attention than me.

“We have been having issues for a while now. That particular day she repeated what I warned her against and I became furious and I shot her. But she did not die. I learnt that she is in hospital.

“I’m not a cultist, and I have never shot anyone in my life. The gun that I used against her belongs to my father who is a hunter. My father does use the gun to hunt and kill animals.”

But, the Amotekun commander, Chief Adeleye said the woman later died of the gunshot injury.

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