Blessing Okoro admits, “I spent almost N3 million for my butt augmentation procedure.”

Blessing Okoro, a contentious relationship coach, disclosed that she spent more than N3 million on her liposuction procedure.

The self-described relationship expert revealed the price of her new butt on the Franky Speaking podcast. She recently underwent surgery and kept her fans and followers updated along the way.

Blessing Okoro said that she underwent liposuction at a facility in Lekki, Lagos State, and that the procedure cost her more than three million naira.

She explained that she wanted to control the narrative because if she had kept the treatment a secret, it would have spilled out when asked why she was so upfront about it.

In the meantime, relationship expert Blessing Okoro, who recently underwent surgery to augment her posterior, has been visited by Nollywood star Uche Maduagwu.

Blessing Okoro posted a video of her post-surgery physique wriggling joyously in front of the camera on her social media pages.

Blessing claimed that she informed the medical professionals that she desired a moderate butt.

Uche Maduagwu responded to the videos she posted after the procedure by criticizing the outcome and asserting that her butt wasn’t properly positioned. He also made fun of her, joking that she had gone to a location where “Butt Lift Bonanza” was being performed.

Read his words below;

“Why your Ikebe Come shift go one side Like the situation of Naija? Were they doing Bonanza When you rush go do am? Jesus wept in Onye Eze Aboniki mansion My dear BBL is not for everyone See as your muscle Come overshadow your Ikebe Abeg carry your new Ikebe go Carpenter shop.”

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