Man was psychologically pressured by his grieving friend into not providing N200,000 for the care of his deceased mother.

A Nigerian guy described how a Facebook buddy attempted to psychologically blackmail him for not providing assistance when his mother was ill.

He claimed that the friend had gotten in touch with him to ask for 200,000 Naira to treat his mother’s illness.

He told him he didn’t have the money because he was short on cash at the moment.

Sadly, the friend’s mother passed away, and he returned to his DM to try to make him feel bad for not being able to contribute to the cost of his mother’s care.

“I finally lost my mom, thanks a lot,” he wrote, making it appear as though his mother passed away as a result of his refusing to give him the loan.

Posting a screenshot of the friend’s message, the Twitter user wrote,

“This person I haven’t spoken to since 2018, reached out to me that his mom was sick. I sympathized with him. He asked me to send him 200k for treatment. Sir? How? I ignored checked FB this afternoon saw this and I am furious what is this emotional blackmail. Ok when I mean spoken to, I mean tested. Coz we not friends irl. Just an FB friend back when I used that app”.

Read his post below,

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