Davido exclaims as he receives his new power bike, “Banana Island go hear am.”

David Adeleke, better known by his stage as Davido, is a well-known musician and songwriter from Nigeria who recently received a brand-new power bike.

The 29-year-old musician, who is certainly a fan of high-end vehicles and just bought a Lamborghini, took to his Instagram story to proudly off the new bike.

Additionally, he claimed that those who live in his Lagos neighborhood of Banana Island would be aware that someone there possesses a power bike, implying that he would frequently ride the bike known for its loud noise in his community.

A long back, Davido silenced a supporter who suggested that Senator Adeleke, his uncle and the incoming governor of Osun State, would exploit funds for his own personal gain.

The fan with the twitter handle @atiyuski wrote;

Las las Adeleke will use Osun state money to build Atlanta Georgia. What a pity for the people of Osun state.

Davido then used the tweet to dispel the man’s concerns about the Adeleke family’s historical wealth and asserted that they wouldn’t need to abuse Osun State finances.

Read his post below;

“We’ve had 4 mansions in Atlanta since 94 #FACTCHECK,” 

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