Bandits Block Enugu-P/Harcourt Highway, Burn Army Van, Kidnap Passengers

Numerous travelers were allegedly kidnapped over the weekend by suspect herdsmen who blocked the Enugu-Port Harcourt highway between the Leru junction and the Ihube axis.

According to reports, the about 30 gunmen kidnapped all the passengers from three buses.

According to reports, the highly armed bandits ambushed a group of soldiers who were dispatched to the area in response to a distress call.

After allegedly setting the military van on fire and injuring two troops, they are said to have herded the passengers of three buses they had kidnapped into the nearby bush.

The issue, according to a young leader in Umunneochi who spoke with Vanguard yesterday, has increased tension in the neighborhood.

According to him, the bandits blocked the highway on Saturday night while it was raining, which led to traffic jams that extended to the Leru junction because commuters confused the bandits for police officers stationed at the roadblock.

He claimed that when the bandits opened fire on a military van that arrived to save the situation, some of the commuters who had alighted to determine the source of the bottleneck ran to their heels.

He claimed that some persons were shot as they sped away from their cars in search of safety.

Kidnapping for ransom has assumed a nightmarish dimension around the vicinity since after the abduction of the Prelate of Methodist Church, Dr Samuel Uche, and two clerics on his entourage.

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