A Nigerian woman living in the UK described her date with a man who requested that they divide the bill.

A Nigerian woman living in the UK described her date with a man who requested that they divide the bill.

The woman said the young man had asked her out on a date to a restaurant in the UK, where they spent a total of £40. (20,000 Naira).

Upon seeing the bill in the viral video, the man asks the woman how much she plans to donate.

The lady, however, insisted that since he had asked her out, he was now responsible for paying for the date.

The young man sought payment from her for the 35-pound order of pork chops and rice while insisting that he had just bought water, which only costs 5 pounds.

She continued to refuse to pay after lengthy discussion, insisting that he should be responsible for covering the cost. He continued by implying that if she expected him to pay for everything, she should have kissed him on the date.

Posting the video online, the young lady advised fellow ladies to be cautious of broke men.

Read her post below;

”Guys beware of broke boys, he really wanted to split the bill. Common ordinary 35”,

Queen Nwokoye, a well-known actress, has also weighed in on the never-ending debate over going out on dates and who should foot the tab.

Who should pick the tab has been a constant topic of discussion on social media over the years, particularly among Nigerians.

Some individuals believe that the man is responsible for paying the bills, while others believe that the bill should be shared equally or that both parties are responsible for paying for the items they ordered.

Additionally, Queen Nwokoye has used the microblogging website Twitter to express her opinions on the matter. She believed that if someone asked her out on a date, that person should pay, and if she had extended the invitation herself, she would be responsible for making the payment.

Read her tweets below;

“Don’t get it twisted. If you ask me out on a date, the bill is on you. And if i ask you out, I am paying the bill. Let’s stop confusing ourselves.”

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