Twitter user shares experience with friend who relocated abroad days after they met up for a drink without informing him

A Nigerian Twitter user described his encounter with a friend who moved abroad a few days after their secret rendezvous for drinks.

@Nsukka Okpa claims that after moving, his friend called him and admitted that he had only told his father because he didn’t want to take any chances.

He continued by saying that he had known the individual who moved away for more than 16 years. His tweets;

What is it with Nigerians and travelling abroad without telling any of their friends? Two weeks after they settle in, them go come call you.

Person wey I follow drink beer on Thursday, Don relocate to Germany today. We spent hours talking about beer and never did this werey mention he’s leaving the country. This morning, foreign number dey call me. I think say na scammers, so I no pick.

The number come call from WhatsApp, I pick up, na shedrach. E say e no tell anybody except him papa because e no wan take chances. I was super happy for him though. But glad to know he sees me as a devil that can ruin his Visa application

This na friendship of over 16 years oh

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