Mother murdered and Baby Left in a Cot beside her for Two Days.

Brazilian national Sandra Maria de Sousa Silva, was found dead on her bed with her infant kid, who was eight months old, in the cot next to her.

The infant was saved even though her mother’s remains had been lying next to her crib for two days.

The neighbors in Sao Paulo, Brazil, hired a locksmith to enter the apartment after hearing the infant cry incessantly.

A hairdresser named Sandra Maria de Sousa Silva was found inside with her eight-month-old infant in a cot and dead on her bed.

According to the police, Sandra’s lover killed her on July 22 and then fled after being last seen with her.

The infant was covered in bruises and showed signs of malnutrition and dehydration.

The victim’s face and head showed injuries, possibly from a bladed instrument, and the body had undergone a brutal assault.

The baby was saved and taken to a local hospital for treatment even though it appeared that he had been without sustenance for at least two days.

The authorities believe that the baby girl’s bruises and markings on her body were caused by frenzied attempts to take her out of the cot.

A CCTV snapshot shows Daniel Ospina Garcia entering the victim’s building on the day of the murder.

The police are investigating the hairdresser’s death as potential femicide and believe her Mexican boyfriend was responsible.

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