Five months after the death of his wife, a lady criticizes her late friend’s husband for posting a picture of another woman.

Five months after the loss of his wife, a young woman takes to social media to criticize her late friend’s husband for moving on so rapidly.

A Twitter user going by the handle Miss Roach attacked the husband of her deceased friend for having a brief relationship with another lady.

Miss Roach lambasted platform users in a lengthy post for defending the assertion with the phrase “until death do us part.”

“My friend died 5 months ago and her husband is already posting a new bitch.

I can’t make this up.
Here’s the post! I commented on it 🤷‍♀️ can’t sit back and watch this bullshit anymore. Sick ass nigga and a sick ass bitch!

I wasn’t expecting this to go viral but now that it has and I see some of you ASS CLOWNS defending this weird ass behavior and excuse it as grieving let’s get down to the gritty. My friends husband has been a piece of shit and put Kayla through absolute hell.

First of all, he had a WHOLE child on her while they were married, and my friend Kayla damn near took that baby in as her own cause she really was that strong of a person she decided to keep her family together. The child is even listed in her obituary as her OWN.

Let me not forget to mention that this mf had a BITCH IN THE HOUSE his wife died in FIVE DAYS after Kayla passed away. FIVE DAYS. Is that excused too? Is that long enough for you MFs or that’s just grieving too? This mf been partying and outside since she died.

We have not seen one tear fall from this niggas eyes bro. NOT ONE. I have spoken on the phone and FaceTimed him multiple times. No emotions. No fucks. Everyone is still grieving Kayla, and you feel the need to POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA A BITCH YOU were probably cheating with? CLOWN

He was trying to link me like a month ago on some weird shit… I’m thinking he’s tryna link cause he’ll have the kids with him… I expressed to him I wanted to be more active in their lives now that Kayla is gone. He said the kids would not be there ..? Wtf why would we kickit?

Funny thing is the bitch Maurice is posting “Destinee” was literally in Kayla’s brothers DMs before.

Weird thirsty hoe! I remember when Kayla told me about Rece having a baby on her I said “bitch I will fly out and beat that bitch ass if you want me too” she was an angel – And tried to look at everything from a godly stand point. But this time she’s not here to defend herself so fuck anyone in agreement with this foul shìt! And especially fuck you Rece.

Clown ass mf! Devil in disguise forreal. This isn’t even the half. If y’all only knew.”

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