IG Model Gena Tew loses mobility and eyesight due to HIV and AIDS

Gena Tew, a 27-year-old Instagram model who has been associated to a number of famous people including Chief Keef, Chris Brown, and Nick Cannon, has admitted that she almost passed away from AIDS.

Tew claimed in the video she released that she is unsure of the circumstances surrounding her HIV infection and subsequent current status.

When the model, 27, learned that the virus had to have been present in her body for at least eight to 10 years, she expressed surprise to her doctor.

According to the doctor’s estimate, she must have contracted HIV/AIDS when she was a teenager, between the ages of 17 and 19.

The entertainer who has not confirmed having any intimate relationships with any celebrities she has been linked to, said she only got tested when the symptoms became visible.  

She added that while she’s still not sure when she contracted HIV, she has called her sexual partners to let them know of her status. Gena says everyone she’s called has been very supportive, checking in on her and making sure she’s doing OK. She says so far, no one else has tested positive.

She also revealed that she was raped several times when she was homeless and could have contracted the virus from when she was living on the streets of New York City.  

The 27-year-old TikToker also said that she previously received free tattoos, with the blood-borne illness known for being spread through needles.  

In one of the videos she shared, she revealed that her weight dropped drastically, making her lose the ability to walk. She’s blinded in one eye and she had to undergo physical therapy just to get her body back into shape. 

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