Terrorists Attack Military Checkpoint at Zuma Rock in Abuja

According to reports, Boko Haram terrorists stormed an army checkpoint near Zuma Rock, which is on the border between the Federal Capital Territory and Niger State, on Thursday night and an unknown number of soldiers.

According to sources, the terrorists arrived at Zuma Rock, which is on the axis of Madalla and Suleija along the Abuja-Kaduna Highway, at around and ambushed the soldiers by firing from a variety of angles, catching them off guard.

They had been firing continuously at the checkpoint for more than an hour, but the soldiers there were retaliating, and eventually the shooting stopped, according to a source.

According to sources, the terrorists later gave up on their plan to enter Abuja and withdrew toward the Kaduna Axis.

The bandits, who were reportedly in several motorcycles, attacked some villages and stores in Madalla as they fled and reportedly carried food on their motorcycles.

More soldiers and equipment from the army base in Zuma Barracks were sent as reinforcements to the scene after the terrorists withdrew in order to stabilize and take control of the situation.

The attack comes just six days after terrorists ambushed a Presidential Guards patrol team along the Bwari-Kubwa Road, killing six soldiers and officers as a result. This was done in response to intelligence that the terrorists were planning to attack the Nigerian Law School in Bwari.

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