Impeachment of Buhari is belated – Shehu Sani

According to Senator Shehu Sani, President Muhammad Buhari’s impeachment has been long overdue.

After opposition MPs announced on July 27 that they will start the impeachment process against Buhari due to the deteriorating security in the nation, Sani made the statement.

Sani stated on Arise TV that the NASS has the constitutional power to call the President, adding that the impeachment process “should have started months ago.”

He claimed that because members of the ruling party were covering their faces, the opposition “may not be able to acquire the needed number to impeach Buhari.”

“The opposition is on a moral high ground. Nigerians may see them as their voice and representative of the plights of the Nigerian people.” He added 

Sani then added that security challenges are not about money as INEC and defence agencies are well-funded.

 “in the last 7 years, over N4.2 trillion was appropriated and funded, but this has not translated to security”, adding “It is clear to us that either the funding has not been used for the purchase of hardwares or we are buying the wrong hardware for the situation on the ground.” he said

Speaking about the ASUU-NLC protest which he participated in, Sani said;

 “This protest should continue and we believe if the govt is sensitive to the yearnings of Nigerians, it should solve this issue.”

 “Their protest is a struggle to save public education, to save the future of Nigeria and to save the futures of the youth who cannot afford private universities or to go abroad.”

 “We have a budget of N16 trillion, if the government can fund subsidy with N7 trillion, they can allocate more of the budget for education.”

 “ASUU have articulated their demands to reactivate and upgrade Nigeria’s university system; refusing to address these issues will come with a lot of repercussions for the whole country.”

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