Parents Wants Teacher Sacked After Her OnlyFans Account Was Leaked

Parents are calling for the dismissal of a primary school teacher who posts pornographic photos for sale on social media in a fit of rage.

In the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, Miguelina Fredes, 28, instructs third graders at Superior Normal School No. 30.

The institution, which was established in 1886, takes pride in upholding regional customs.

But after it was discovered that she poses for exposing and X-rated photos on OnlyFans, the voluptuous model and mother of two aroused uproar.

Some of the pics show Miguelina virtually naked with just a thin piece of gauze to cover up her modesty.

Another shows her with her bikini top off and a piece of fabric covering one boob and her elbow hiding the other.

I do snap sensual images, the rebellious teacher, who has been on sick leave since March, told local reporters. It is entirely up to me whether or not I sell them.

The decision of Miguelina to join up for Big Brother while she is on sick leave infuriated Lautaro Rios, Miguelina’s father.

“Let her do what she wants with her private life, but if she makes it public, it becomes incompatible with teaching,” the irate father retorted.

“My eight-year-old daughter saw her when she returned from vacation and on the first day of school.

Despite parents filing complaints with the school authorities, Miguelina vowed that she is “not going to resign my titular position”.

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