Jeremiah Fufeyin, the prophet, is cleared of child trafficking by a woman

Ruth Matthew, who claimed that Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, the founding pastor of Mercyland Church, kidnapped her son, has now made her accusation in a press release and a video.

Read the statement below:

A woman, identified as Ruth Matthew, who had accused a church founder Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin of kidnapping her child has confessed to selling the child.

Matthew had attracted sympathies and attention after alleging that her child went missing at the Christ MercyLand Church in Warri, adding that the owner of the church, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin had a hand in the matter.

While the case was investigated by the Nigerian Police and currently in court, a video made available to journalists yesterday showed Ruth Matthew confessing that she sold her baby and seeking for forgiveness.

While her children were also been interrogated and cross examined in the video, the claims about the prophet being involved in the matter were denied in the presence of her younger brother Mr Joshua Matthew.

Earlier, a man, identified as Alfred Ayo, had appealed to the Federal Government to intervene in the case of his missing child, stating in a video posted on his Facebook page that Ruth Matthew, his wife and her lover connived to hide his child for the purpose of seeking undue favour.

Recall that Ordinary Ahmed Isa, the founder of the Abuja-based Human Right Radio, also known as the Brekete family, criticized Ruth and her supporters over the supposed missing kid case while he was at one point looking into the matter.
Isa stated during a live radio program that he wouldn’t be used to bring someone down and emphasized that the station wouldn’t be involved in any situations involving even the slightest amount of fabrication.

Isa responded to the situation by stating that the woman who raised the issue was unable to back up her accusations and was also considering methods to take advantage of the chance to go abroad.

While others have claimed that the station was paid to drop the case, according to Isa, most of those who have made that claim are merely searching for free publicity and would have preferred to see the matter through if they can back it up.

The situation, which first appeared three years ago, finally came to light as a result of some pastors and NGOs speaking out in favor of justice. As a result of the development, the church filed a lawsuit in court, arguing that the situation needed to be resolved once and for all.

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