Singer Tems tells that her mother appeared in a well-known television advertisement years ago.

In light of Tems’ continued success in the music industry, an intriguing detail about the Nigerian singing sensation has come to light.

It has just been learned that the singer’s mother was the actress who appeared in a well-known TV commercial from many years ago, which follows the limelight that has been put on her recently.

The advertisement dates back a while, but images from it have recently become popular Nigerian internet memes. A while back, a Twitter user re-posted the advertisement in an effort to stir up viewers’ memories, and joked that if they did, they should have been married.

When Tems subsequently came upon the tweet, she unexpectedly revealed that the attractive woman in the advertisement is her mother. Observe her tweet

Since the singer is now in the spotlight, her fans have been taken aback by the discovery and are wondering if she inherited her mother’s outstanding artistic talent.

View a picture of the songstress and her mom,

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