Nedu Wazobia and Pretty Mike receive a strong warning from Ike Onyema for implying that Mercy Eke looked after him while they were dating.

Ike Onyema, a reality personality, has reacted angrily to claims that Mercy Eke looked after him while they were together.

Remember that Mercy Eke and Ike Onyema began dating in the Big Brother Naija house before calling it quits a few months later.

Mercy Eke admitted that she once dated a person who she looked after during an interview on the Frankly Speaking podcast with Nedu Wazobia, Pretty Mike, and other hosts.

Mercy Eke didn’t confirm it, but Pretty Mike and Nedu quickly deduced that she was referring to Ike Onyema.

Ike Onyema responded to the humiliating film by posting a message on his Instagram page expressing his unhappiness with the implied remarks and offering a firm warning to the hosts.

Read what he wrote below;

” I am responding to this, because it’s obvious that the producers of this podcast can’t pay for ads to promote the dead podcast, so as usual they look for who to attack to indirectly promote their dead podcast, well congratulations you have Triggered perfectly, for over two years my image and reputation have constantly been dragged to the mud, so it’s time to swim with pig’s, I am making a bold statement that no lady whosoever has taken care of me. If anyone claim otherwise they should bring out receipts of one thing they have done, I have been quite because I don’t also want to expose so many people including the show, so I intentionally allowed myself to be ridiculed, but that era is over, people that can’t take care of their family coming out to chat shit about me, @nedu_wazobiafm and @prettymikeoflagos please be careful how involve yourself in things you have no idea of the background story, I respect the both of you but I would not hesitate to call you guys out if I’m being disrespected to please your principals and the bosses that hired you. 

This should be the last time anyone would use me to count cheap scores…

I would start dropping receipts and exposing.”

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