Being famous comes with a price, says reality star Lucy Edet: “Dating someone is harder.”

Lucy Edet, a reality TV personality and influencer, has disclosed one of the costs associated with her notoriety.

On Monday, July 25, she revealed this information to her Instagram fans during a Q&A session.

How does she deal with being in the spotlight and having people watch her every move because of her celebrity status? was a question from a follower.

Read what the follower asked below;

“How are you doing Lucy? like how is life having people in your business all the time?”

The 32-year-old ex-Big Brother Naija contestant responded that it has been wild and that it is even more irritating because it is challenging to locate a man who has sincere intentions.

Read her post below;

“The price of fame! The most annoying of it being that dating someone is harder! You don’t know who is just coming to get famous or drag you down! Scary shit”, 

She also revealed that she is currently single and not looking for a mate.

Read her words below,

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