Test your housekeepers for TB, hepatitis, HIV, and other diseases. – Mrs. Bashir El-Rufai gives moms advice

Halima Nwakaego, the in-law of Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai, has recommended moms to have their domestic employees tested for diseases like HIV, TB, hepatitis, and others.

The mother of twin boys, who wed Bashir El-Rufai in November 2020, shared this advice on Sunday, July 24, after learning that a nanny she had just recruited had tested positive for an unspecified illness.

Halima claims the nanny was aware of her condition but held off discussing it until after the test, at which point she acknowledged having the illness for seven years.

Read what Halima wrote to mothers who intend to hire housekeepers below;

“Good morning mamas, please test all your nannies and workers. Most especially if you have babies. Run these tests HIV, Hep, TB, and many other. We recently got a nanny that knew she had one of these diseases and didn’t disclose it to us. We tested her, came back positive and she was pretending like she didn’t know she had it

After pressing on the matter she finally admitted that she’s had it for 7 years. Btw this isn’t the first nanny we are getting like this. So please run these tests before hiring anyone. Be safe.”

Bashir El-Rufai's wife advises

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