“Your platform has led for 8 years and the only thing the country got was bloodshed, yet you are still pushing yourself forward” – Clergyman Paul Enenche slams APC, calls for arrest and trial of fake Bishops

Paul Enenche, senior pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Center, has demanded the immediate arrest of “false bishops” who were present on Wednesday, July 20, for Kashim Shettima’s announcement as the APC vice presidential candidate.

Remember how a wide range of Nigerians criticized the film of certain unpopular bishops who were seen at the unveiling event when it first appeared online? The bishops were said to have been employed to quell the uproar over the ruling party’s Muslim-Muslim ticket.

In response to this development, Pastor Enenche attacked the APC for being anxious to hold onto power in 2023 in a video posted to his verified Facebook page. He argued that the “bishops” ought to be detained and charged with impersonating the Christian hierarchy.

”There is a contest going on in this country right now where some criminals paraded themselves as bishops.

That is the level at which the criminal leadership of this country has descended into. Those who send them are like them. That is an impersonation of the highest order and they should be arrested and tried.

That is how ‘yeyecious’ bankrupt of mentality, capacity and leadership ability these people who want to rule Nigeria are. But their end has come. They will never see the light of day.

They will never smell the palace of authority. You want to cheat to lead, you want to lie to lead, you want to kill to lead and your platform has led for 8 years and the only thing the country got was bloodshed, killings, banditry and you are still pushing yourself forward. Bankrupt of mentality.” he said

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