Israeli couple arrested after man dies in pool sinkhole

A man who was attending a party at a couple’s property died after getting sucked into a sinkhole that developed at the bottom of the pool, according to Israeli police, who say they have put the pair under house arrest.

According to investigators, the couple, who are both in their 60s, is suspected of causing a fatality via negligence.

A judge agreed to release them on Friday on “restrictive conditions of home arrest” for five days after their arrest on Thursday evening, July 21.

The event took place at a private party the couple gave at their home in Karmi Yosef, a village located 25 miles southeast of Tel Aviv.

Video from the scene shows floaties and water being sucked to the bottom, at the center of the pool, as people sitting by the poolside shout in Hebrew. A man is seen approaching the sinkhole, slips and is almost pulled in before he backs away.

Israeli couple arrested after man dies in pool sinkhole

Two people were sucked into the sinkhole and one died while the other sustained injuries.

The police said the deceased 30-year-old was found following a search mission in which Israeli police, emergency crews and the army took part.

Israeli media cited witnesses as saying the party was attended by nearly 50 people, of whom six were in the pool, and also reported that the homeowner had built the pool without proper licensing.

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