Four Men Sentenced To Death by Hanging For Killing Monarch In Ekiti

Sunday Aernana, Jonathan Elijah, Sule Obasanjo, and Moses Iorna were all sentenced death by hanging by the Ekiti State High Court in Ado Ekiti for the murder of Chief Sola Fatunla of Ikole Ekiti.

The four were sentenced to life in prison by the court, which was presided over by Justice Adekunle Adeleye, for attempting to kill Tadeni Adebo.

The late chief Fatunla was unjustly accused of having an extramarital affair by one of the prisoners, Sunday Aernana.

The dead and the lady were then persuaded to travel to Iyemero, a farm village, on May 4, 2020, under the pretense that he needed them to beg a guy from the Lbira tribe who was disturbing him while he was hewing charcoal.

One of the convicts, Sunday Aernana had falsely alleged the deceased, the late chief Fatunla, of having illicit affair with his wife.

He thereafter lured the deceased and the lady to a farm settlement at Iyemero on 5/4/2020 under the pretence that he wanted them to beg an lbira man who was disturbing him where he was hewing charcoal.

On getting to the farm, the 3 other convicts descended on the 2 of them by beating them to a pulp and tied them to different trees at a distance of 300 metres.

They were said to have broken a bottle on the head of the deceased and after he was soaked with blood, poured petrol on him and set him ablaze.

Meanwhile, the lady, Adebo Tadeni, by providence, escaped from where she was tied to a tree.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Julius Ajibare, who prosecuted the case for the State, called 6 witnesses to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

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