School Girl Gang Raped By Four Men For 5 Days In Lagos

In the Igando neighborhood of Lagos State, a 15-year-old child who was allegedly kidnapped, drugged, and sexually assaulted by four men has been located.

Five days after going missing and a search party being organized by her family, she was located last Friday.

When the girl was taken, she had recently concluded her West African Senior Secondary School Examination, according to the victim’s father, Tony, who talked with newsmen.

He claimed that the girl was being driven away by four males in a Toyota Camry after they purported to be giving her a ride to the Saint John Catholic Church in Igando.

Tony claimed that the adolescent was with her siblings when the incident occurred.

“My other children said on their way to church, they met the individuals in the car and asked where they were headed, and they responded church,” he said. They advised them to board the vehicle because it was traveling in the same direction as they were.

But as soon as their oldest sister got in, they accelerated and her younger siblings began yelling, “Sister, where are you heading to?” They immediately coiled the glass up and even.

I submitted a complaint of a missing person at the Ikotun Police Station after looking for her all day Monday and all day Tuesday, and the hunt for her went on. Until a church member spotted the message on Friday and sent us the license plate of the vehicle that was used to kidnap my daughter, we shared her photo on many WhatsApp groups.

“The church member said that he seen my daughter getting into the car and that he instantly noted the car’s license plate, but he was unaware that she had been kidnapped. He also claimed to have observed the street where the automobile pulled up.

We headed to Aiye Omere Street in Igando. When we arrived, we spotted the car and my daughter, who had been confined there and was being drugged and raped by the four men every day between 4 and 5 o’clock.

“My daughter wasn’t herself; the only thing she could tell her mother was that they were drugging and raping her and that if they went away, they’d drug her, then she’d fall asleep till they came back.”

The victim’s father claimed that Ifeanyi the Great was one of the suspects and that the police had apprehended some of the offenders.

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