Princess Love wants to move ahead with divorce from Ray J despite recently appearing on the red carpet together

Princess Love, Ray J’s former wife, has canceled their reconciliation and filed for divorce once more.

The 37-year-old reality star asked the court to establish a trial date to argue over divorce, visitation, child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, and attorney costs, according to court documents obtained by

At the BET Awards last month, Ray J and Princess shared the red carpet.

Princess Love attended the occasion wearing her wedding band. They sat near to one another, and Ray J even gave her a kiss on the lips.

They were attempting to make amends at the time, but it seems it failed.

Princess has now asked for a trial date, demonstrating that she is just interested in settling the divorce and not attempting to save the marriage.

Ray J was the one who filed the divorce petition in October 2021. The couple have filed for divorce twice in the past but dismissed both cases before they were finalized.

Ray J listed the date of marriage as August 12, 2016, and said the date of separation as “TBD.”

He checked the box asking the court to terminate Princess’ right to spousal support. He also revealed the couple signed a premarital agreement.

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