Nigerian Arrested In India Over N1.6m Fraud

A 24-year-old Nigerian guy who claimed to be a physiotherapist living in the USA on a matrimonial website was detained in India for defrauding a woman out of Rs 3.25 lakh (more than N1.6 million).

The Chandigarh Police Cyber Cell detained the suspect on July 20, 2022, who goes by the name Gideon and currently resides in Greater Noida.

The victim had posted her profile on, according to the authorities. The perpetrator obtained information about her from the matrimonial website, pretended to be Amit Bedi, and caught her off guard.

From his Greater Noida home, police seized three laptops, a cloning machine, more than 24 bank debit cards that had been copied, two mobile phones, one of which had a SIM card.

The suspect was kept in police custody for a day.

According to the police, an unidentified employee of the airport authority called the complainant and told her that her acquaintance had arrived at the Mumbai airport with a large amount of American currency and that she would be required to pay the tax on September 1, 2021. According to the police, the victim made deposits totaling Rs 3.25 lakh from her account.

The accused is one of the con artists using social media and matrimony websites to defraud Indian residents, according to Inspector Hari Om Sharma, the Cyber cell police station SHO.

“The modus operandi of this case is that the fraudsters create their fake profile on matrimonial sites and show themselves from abroad. They contact people for marriage on matrimonial sites and start chatting through WhatsApp and try to get people to fall in love. After that, they say that they are coming to India to marry, call from an Indian number and claim as staff of the airport authority or income tax department,” Sharma stated.

“Further, they tell the victims that the person is carrying a huge amount of American dollars which comes under the tax department and the tax amount should be paid in Indian currency and demand money. Due to which, the people fall prey to cheaters and transfer the money into a given account. The people are duped through fake accounts on matrimonial sites.”

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