Man Allegedly Raped, Strangled Friend’s Fiancee To Death

A man has been arrested for raping and strangling his friend’s fiance to death in Umoja Estate, Nairobi, Kenya.

It is alleged that the suspect, who has been identified as Edwin Onditi Odada attacked, raped and strangled Pamela Asesa (His friend’s fianc) before leaving her for dead.

At about 4:00 PM, of July 12th, Edwin went to his friend’s place, Kenyan Directorate of Criminal investigations said in a statement.

According to the statement, Edwin used to live with the couple until he was recently sent packing after making failed attempt to forcefully sleep with the deceased.

However, on this fateful day, in the absence of the man of the house, Edwin showed up at their door and unknown to the deceased, her man’s friend was burning with malice and resentment.

Had Pamela Asesa known that letting her man’s friend to their house would cost her life, she would have never allowed it to happen.

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