“I’ll be surprised if NLC goes ahead with protest over ASUU strike. It is against labour practice” – Ngige

Minister of Labor and Employment Chris Ngige says he’ll be shocked if the National Labor Congress (NLC) holds its planned rally on July 26 and 27 in support of the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ strike (ASUU).

Speaking to journalists, Ngige stated that this type of protest is against international labor standards. The Minister added that the Congress is informed of all meetings with the university lecturers’ union and that the NLC has representatives participating in the negotiations with ASUU.

Ngige said; 

“It is a very incongruous situation I must tell you. Why? NLC is on the table of the discussion. They are there. I invited them as the head of the federation to which ASUU belongs, to which SSANU belongs, to which NAAT belongs.

“I invited them. And so, they are on the table as their senior partner. That’s one. Two, we have a National Labour Advisory Council inaugurated in January 2021. It is an ILO instrument, an ILO architecture for labour unions, governments, and the private sector to come together at any given time. 

“So, we’ve just finished our meeting in March, and this issue was tabled before them. And the NLC is in NLAC, the National Labour Advisory Council, and much more importantly, the head of NLC, Nigeria, has an affiliate of workers federation, worldover called International Trade Union Congress. 

“So, I will be surprised if he’s going ahead with his NEC to do a demonstration, knowing fully well that that is not permissible in international labour parlance.”

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