Alexx Ekubo humiliates Ik Ogbonna and posts a picture of his actual bald head, which makes him furious and angry.

Ik Ogbonna, a well-known Nollywood actor, yelled at his buddy and coworker, Alexx Ekubo, for publicly humiliating him.

IK Ogbonna, Yomi Casual, and Alexx Ekubo are well-known for being close friends and are often seen making light-hearted jokes about one another.

During a recent online conversation with the group, Alex made the decision to humiliate his bald friend IK, who has been using wigs for some time, by revealing his true hairless head.

Posting the picture, read what he wrote below:

“Finally the IK, I know. Not that Ikechukwu Pro Max with Persian rug on the head.”

IK, who was frantic that his friend had publicly humiliated him by posting a photo of his bald head, attacked him in the comments.

“No worry … with all the problems in Nigeria is my head that u chose to embarrass like this ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ you stewpid tadpole . Thunder fire u dia , you savage swine , limited edition of australopithecus africanus , u will be hearing from me .”

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