The amazing responses of Timi Dakolo’s kids after his unexpected visit to them in the UK.

Timi Dakolo, a well-known Nigerian singer and composer, uploaded a video of the touching moment he met up with his family in the UK.

The proud father of three never misses an opportunity to brag about his kids, and this time, during a surprise visit to them in the UK, he revealed their priceless reactions.

Dakolo claims that he instructed his family to go downstairs to fetch something, but did not inform them that he would be arriving later; as a result, they were surprised to see him.

His children gawked in surprise and ran to give him a hug, while his son burst into tears of joy at seeing him.

Posting the video read what he wrote below;

“I didn’t tell them I was coming. Told @busoladakolo I don’t when I am coming and that she should come pick something downstairs. #family”.

Timi Dakolo posted a screenshot of some touching texts he received from his children Hallel and Zoe while he was away on a trip a while back.

Zoe and Hallel said how much they missed their father in the WhatsApp conversation and prayed for his safe return.

The proud father shared the touching letter from his girls on his Instagram page and captioned it,

“When I am around now, they will make me shout all day. Small travel and They will now be loving me anyhow. #yardpeople @zoedakolo @halleldakolo”.

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