Nigerian lady posts conversation with man who wanted to sleep with her before giving her a job

A woman from Ibadan who goes by the name Oghenekeve shared her conversation with a man on Twitter after he insisted on having sex with her before he would give her a job.

The man had contacted the woman about a job vacancy at his company, which he claimed was one of the top PR agencies in Ibadan, the capital of the Oyo state.

However, he swiftly added that she had to have sexual contact with him before he could give her the job, despite the fact that the lady would have likely been happy and relieved that her job hunt had finally ended.

Read the post below;

“I want you to make me happy intimately. I am asking you for that as a means of securing your place in my list as my top models who will get every job I’m giving out. If you want that job as well its also yours but I just need to feel secure that you truly deserve all I doing for you. Don’t complicate things for us by being stubborn. I chose you not because you are the best for the job but simply cos I just ant to help your career”. 

A torrent of epithets and curses followed the lady’s rejection of him. Additionally, he called her several other unprintable names.

Posting screenshots of the chat on Twitter, read what Keve wrote below;

“Because I don’t want to have s3x to get a job, God abeg.”

See their conversation below,

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