After his daughter complained about her device, Mark Angel reacted angrily: “You were not what we wanted but we retained you.”

Mark Angel, a well-known content creator, reportedly responded brutally to his daughter after she whined that she didn’t want her gadget.

When Mark’s daughter, who was holding a kid’s android tablet, told him she didn’t want that type of tablet, the father and daughter were having a conversation in the living room.

The video creator tried to calm her down by telling her to keep using it until he got a new one, but she was adamant about getting a new one.

Mark Angel responded harshly to her constant whining and informed her of the circumstances surrounding her birth.

He claims that even though his daughter was not what they had anticipated when he was dating her mother, they decided to keep her.

It’s unclear, though, if he meant that his daughter was created accidentally or whether they had been hoping for a boy.

Read his post below;

“When I was dating your mum, you were not what we wanted but we kept you,”

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