How Nollywood individuals ended Ada Ameh and her daughter repeatedly tried to kill Mr. Ibu, according to Afrocandy

Nollywood celebrities are allegedly to blame for the deaths of Ada Ameh and her daughter, according to actress AfroCandy Judith.

The death of the movie actor, which happened as expected on July 17th, Sunday in Warri, Delta State, prompted a variety of opinions among online users.

In a post on her Instagram page, Afrocandy asserted that “Nollywood people” were responsible for the actress’s and her daughter’s deaths. They have also attempted many attempts on Mr. Ibu’s life, she continued.

Read her words below:

“Na wa oh for Nollywood people! So y’all took this woman’s only child and that wasn’t enough, now she’s gone too? Ah! One n

eeds to be careful cos nobody knows who’s got it out for you, so much envy and jealousy, it’s a pity! I pray she hunts whoever did this to her.

Y’all can go Ask Mr Ibu how many times he has been poisoned, it’s online too, and he’s not the only one that’s been in that situation so shut up”

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