A 22-year-old man killed by angry mob who suspected him of raping a 100-year-old woman

An attack by villagers who thought he had raped a 100-year-old woman resulted in the death of a 22-year-old guy.

According to the police, Pius Mwireri was severely injured by the enraged mob in Kenya’s Karundori hamlet in Runyenjes and later died from his injuries.

People in the community rushed to help the woman when she called out the alarm.

The suspect was then taken by the mob and attacked.

Two people who were there at the scene called the police, but by the time they came, it was too late.

Man, 22, killed by angry mob after claims he raped 100-year-old woman

Embu East Police Commander Emmanuel Okanda urged people on Tuesday, July 19, not to take laws into their own hands.

He also said investigations are underway into the incident and added that the body of the deceased was taken to Kyeni hospital mortuary and is awaiting a postmortem examination.

The grandmother was reportedly rushed to the same facility for a check up after the incident.

She is recovering at home now, according to reports.

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