Man denounces Osun as his state of origin after Adeleke won the governorship election

Following Ademola Adeleke’s victory in the state’s July 16 governor election, a Twitter user renounced Osun as his state of origin.

“He can’t be from a state that will be governed by an inadequate and incompetent idiot,” the Nigerian guy living in Canada remarked.

The election’s results, according to @Tosinadeda, are “a disgrace and an awful humiliation.” He added that “stupid internal politics” were the reason why a “joker” now controls the state.

He tweeted; 

I denounce Osun State as my State with immediate effect. I can’t be from a state that will be governed by an inept and incompetent clown. I wish the people of Osun State good luck with their choice. A disgrace and an absolute shame.

Losing a state because of stupid internal politics, everybody wants to play God. Now Osun state is in the hands of a joker. I mean I would feel better if it was a serious individual.

The state is dead to me sha. I would greatly love to be disappointed and proven wrong by Adeleke, one of the times I would love to eat my words, because that will mean progress for the state.

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