Police Officer Kills Wife, Children, Mother and Brother

Fabiano Júnior Garcia, 37, had been with the Corporation for 12 years and normally worked hours before murdering eight people – six family members and two strangers. PM hinted on the internet that he was going through a difficult time.

Fabiano Júnior Garcia – the man who killed eight people, including six family members, before killing himself on Thursday night (14) – was a 37-year-old military police officer and lived in Toledo, Paraná.

Fabiano was born in São Miguel do Iguaçu, which is about 100 km from Toledo. The policeman had been with the corporation for 12 years and, according to the PM itself, would have worked normally hours before murdering the eight victims.

The military police officer worked on Thursday until 7 pm at the 19th Military Police Battalion of Toledo. Upon leaving work, he went to meet the victims.

On social media, Fabiano showed pride in working for the corporation and shared photos with his family: his wife Kassiele Moreira Mendes Garcia, 28 years old; the children Miguel Augusto da Silva Garcia, Kamili Rafaela da Silva Garcia and Amanda Mendes Garcia, 4, 9 and 12 years old.

Fabiano and Kassiele have been married since 2012. All were murdered.

In his last Facebook post, on July 12, he hinted that he was going through a difficult phase in his life. The shared image shows a stage of a video game with many obstacles, alluding to the moment he faced.

In a photo together with Fabiano published in 2019, Kassiele Moreira Garcia showed support for the September Yellow campaign, to prevent suicide.

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