A 15-year-old boy caught while presenting his best friend to be used for rituals so he can drive his dream car

A 15-year-old boy was caught handing over his friend to a spiritualist so they might kill him for ritual purposes.

The lads are best buddies and are in JSS3, it was learned.

While the victim begs and tells his friend that he is the only son of his parents, the young ritual killer is seen explaining the spiritualist what he intends to use his friend for in rituals.

The spiritualist asked the youngster if he would be willing to behead his friend if given a knife, but the boy refused to answer.

When asked what kind of automobile he wanted to drive, he replied that when he became wealthy through rituals, he intended to buy a GLK.

The victim keeps pleading with his friend, which prompts the spiritualist to wonder why he came to the shrine in the first place if he doesn’t want to die.

The victim responded that he followed since his friend requested him to go along when he conducted errands.

It appears that a man posing as a native doctor set up the would-be murderer.

The shocking content of the film has stunned viewers and sparked a discussion about how far young people will go to get rich quick.

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