Man Brutally Beaten After Her Was Caught In Bed With a Married Woman

A man was brutally beaten after he was caught in a compromising position in a married woman’s home.

A man, believed to be the husband of the woman in a video clip shared online, can be seen hitting the philanderer with a stick till his nose streamed with blood.

The woman is not spared as she is dragged with her hair and beaten severely, both by the man with the stick and one other man.

It is evidently not in Nigeria, but it appeared it happened in an African country.

Online reactions were interestingly stacked against the husband., even though many people saw nothing bad in what he did.

Many of the commenters believe the husband was too heavy-handed on the mother of his children and her bloodied lover.

They argued that even though they sinned they did not deserve the dehumanising treatment, they got.

One commenter said the man ought to divorce the woman rather than commit murder, a likely possibility of hitting the philanderer’s head repeatedly with a stick.

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