Three children killed after Colombia landslide buried school

According to authorities, a landslide that buried a rural school in the municipality of Andes in northwest Colombia on Thursday, July 14, killed three students.

A group of preschool and first-grade pupils, a teacher, and the mother of one of the students were all out for a break when the landslide struck.

Three youngsters lost their lives as a result of this incident, the mayor of Andes, Carlos Osorio, told the media.

Eight kids were reportedly trapped, according to an earlier account.


Three children killed after Colombia landslide buried school

“Fortunately, 17 students got out alive … the teacher and the mother also,” Osorio said, adding that two other children were already in a stable condition in a nearby hospital.

Dozens of villagers helped rescuers from the military in the effort to save the children.

Video footage shared on social media showed dozens of people with shovels trying to remove a heap of felled trees and rubble. Two digging machines were also deployed.

Eliana Rincones, the school’s only teacher, told journalists there were 22 children present at the time of the landslide.

“We were at recess when suddenly we heard something very loud; we all turned (to look) and in a matter of seconds we all ran,” she said.

“We didn’t even know where we were running.”

The landslide was the result of heavy rains plaguing much of Colombia.

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