“I’m not going to pay the hospital fees because this baby is too ugly to be my child” – Nigerian man fights nurses

In a Facebook post, a man uploaded a picture of his newborn baby along with the statement that the child was too ugly to be his and he will not pay the hospital bills.

Social media has gone crazy as a result of a Nigerian father allegedly refusing to cover a newborn baby’s hospital bills.

According to information that has reached us from Nigeria, one anonymous Nigerian Facebook user has caused quite a stir online.

According to the news, a Nigerian Facebook user rejected the hospital billing request for his new kid.

Because I don’t want to be the parent of such an ugly child, I won’t pay the hospital fees.

The dad claims that the infant is too ugly to have been conceived from his sperm, thus he will not pay the hospital fees.

He believed he had nothing in common with the child in terms of appearance in order to accept him as his.

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