Cross-dressing Sex Worker Arrested In Delta, Released On Bail, Risk 14-years Jail Term

Amarachi, a cross-dressing sex worker who was detained in Asaba, Delta State, has been freed on bail.

In a widely shared video, Amarachi claimed to be from Lagos but to be from Imo state during his interrogation.

Amarachi also acknowledged working as a sex worker since 2016, but he omitted to say whether the two men he met were aware of his biological gender before hiring him.

He was arrested after making his confession, held in jail for days, and ultimately accused in court on three counts of having carnal knowledge against the laws of nature.

Levites Initiative for Freedom & Enlightenment and Dynamic Initiative for Healthcare and Human Rights are two human rights organizations (LIFFE). supported the Suspect’s legal defense in court.

Samuel Uchenna and Mx. Emmanuella David-Ette, who eventually assisted Amarachi in obtaining bail, spoke on behalf of the Organizations.

Trans/intersex activist David-Ette discussed her involvement in the case with African Human Rights Media Network NoStringsNG, saying that the experience revealed advocacy gaps that needed to be addressed.

“Working on this case made me further convinced why we should create room for advocacy with stakeholders. By stakeholders, I mean judges, lawyers, policemen, etc. I also could locate who are prospective allies from things said but we’re hopeful,” she said.

Even though Amarachi has now been released, she is still expected to appear in court for further hearing on the case. If convicted, Amarachi risks a 14-year jail term.

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