Woman Stabs Husband To Death Over Text Message

A lady who is accused of killing her husband by stabbing him to death in a pub in Homa Bay county, Kenya, has been detained by police.

Cyndy Trinic, the suspect, was captured on July 13 in the late afternoon after killing Charles Okoth Onyango, her husband of 31 years.

Onyango worked for the Homa Bay county administration. After receiving a critical chest injury, he passed away on the spot.

Witnesses said that the deceased walked to the pub along Homa Bay-Kendu Bay Road and placed an order for drinks.

Before she began drinking as well, a woman later joined him at his corner seat where he was sitting alone. It was revealed to be his wife.

They got into an altercation while they were both drinking. The suspect is said to have been requesting Onyango’s cellphone. She was going to read the texts the deceased had been getting.

Onyango, however, is said to have started criticizing the suspect for questioning him and refused to let go of the phone.

The couple’s easy talk quickly devolved into an argument that attracted the attention of other people who weren’t interested in hearing it.

Homa Bay town location Chief Joshua Ochogo, who confirmed the incident said the couple was acting under the influence of alcohol.

“They were drunk and their actions were controlled by alcohol,” he said.

At the time the argument got to its peak, the woman withdrew a knife and stabbed Onyango on the chest.

She had carried the knife in her handbag and appeared to have been prepared to kill.

Mr Ochogo said the suspect stabbed the deceased once before he collapsed and died.

Homa Bay Sub county Police Commander Sammy Koskeyi said investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“The suspect is in custody as investigators look into what led to their disagreement,” he said.

The body of the deceased was taken to Homa Bay County teaching and referral hospital mortuary.

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