Prophet Told Married Woman Her Destiny Is In His Manhood

A Kenyan Pastor who claims God has put a married woman’s destiny in his ‘pendrive’ has done what we least expected in the world.

The video which has gone viral and attracted a lot of attention sees the pastor prophesying to his congregants and praying for unmarried women to get husbands.

After he had done prophesying, he called on one married woman who he claimed God has put her destiny in her ‘pendrive’.

Looking for a way to give the lady’s destiny to her, the pastor ordered the woman to lie flat in front of her pulpit so that he can give her the said destiny.

We all think the pastor was going to pray for the woman until we saw him inserting his pendrive in the married woman’s system unit to transfer her destiny to her right in front of the congregants.

The lady could not say anything other than to even tell the pastor to fire her well so that she will prosper.

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