Destiny Etiko blows hot as she bemoans how people mistakenly credit her success to males in spite of her tireless efforts, “Nah thunder go burn una.”

Destiny Etiko, a famous actress in Nollywood, has reacted angrily to those who frequently attribute her achievements to males.

The actress recently shared a video on her Instagram story in which she revealed that she often returned from shooting late at night by ten o’clock with a sloppy make-up on. She used this video to express her displeasure and explain that this is just part of the hustle.

Dramadoll, who acknowledged that being a thespian wasn’t an easy job, swore that if she decided to reward herself after all of her hardships and hard work by treating herself, many people would start circulating rumors about her being supported by a man.

The Enugu-born actress threatened to strike down all rumor mongers because she disapproved of these widely circulated falsehoods.

Destiny recorded her mother presenting her with local pears when she got home from work later in the video. The script interpreter didn’t forget to compliment her mother as well.

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